Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)


What is a username?

- A username is used for you to be able to log-in to the admin side of your website.
- The username is also the same with your Site Domain.

What is a Site Domain?

- Your Site Domain is the URL of your site. Example:
- The Site Domain is what you will type in your browser’s address bar for you to be able to go to your site.
Note: Your site domain is permanent, hence, you will not be able to change your site domain after signup not unless you upgrade to PRO Account.

What is a Site Title?

- Basically the Title of Site, the Large Text displayed on the upper left corner of your site if you do not have a logo uploaded yet.
- Can be edited anytime.

What if my email is already taken?

- If there is an instance that your email is already taken, therefore you have already signed up before. We can look at the system or your email for the PAREB MLS email.

What username can you suggest?

- It could be your name or name of company, or anything that you can remember easily and is catchy.
Note: Your username would be the same as your Site Domain.

What email should I use?

- Either personal or for business, always choose the email that you regularly check.

Can I change my site domain soon?

- For the free account no, but if you upgrade to PRO Account, it’s possible.

Site Customization:

How to log-in & change the email and number being displayed?

- You can log-in using the credentials sent to your email by the system(your username,site domain and default password) then go to settings and edit the header phone number and header email. (Guide available at

What logo can I put? Company or Personal?

- Any, since it’s your own personal site. If you have an office/realty firm, I suggest you put the company logo. If you’re an independent broker, it could be a site title or your own personal logo.

How can I get my social media links?

- You go to a social media site for example: . You log-in and go to your profile and copy the URL(ex.: ) found in the address bar of your browser.

What picture should I use on my profile?

- A formal picture wearing business attire.

What is the “Display Name”?

- The display name is the name displayed on the top part of the preview on your profile when viewing a listing.

What if I don’t have PRC & HLURB?

- We require those licenses for your own credibility and to be legitimate. If you are a seller under a licensed broker, we would suggest you to put the PRC & HLURB of your broker and their details.

How can I update/change the uneditable fields?

- You may email it at / . The uneditable fields are First Name, Last Name, Email, PRC & HLURB and Mobile Number 1.

Uploading of Listings:

How to construct a property title (brokerage)?

- You put some part of the details of what property you are selling and indicate if it is for sale,for rent, etc. (ex. For Sale: Lot only along highway in Bacoor, Cavite)

Should I put the exact address?

- For projects yes, for brokerage, we suggest that you put a general address instead of the exact address.

There’s no city/municipality displayed.

- You need to provide the province first then the cities and municipalities would appear depending on what province you have chosen.

What should I put in the Property Description?

- The basic details of the property you are selling. For the projects, you can copy and paste the description from the developer’s site. For brokerage, it’s up to you but you will put all the details. But please do provide the basic details of the property. Note: Do not include phone number, email, or any contact info in the Property Description. Provide the project description only. If caught, counter measures will be applied.

What is price/lot/floor postfix text?

- For the price, you can edit it as “total contract price/per month/per sqM/per year, etc”. For the Lot and floor, “sq M, Hectares, or any form of measurement.”

What is the Property ID?

- The property ID is your own unique coding of your listings. We follow a format: Local Board + 2 Letter Abbreviation of your name + Number (ex: CEREB-SL-001).

How many photos can I upload?

- Unlimited, but not simultaneously. At least 4 images per upload.

General FAQ’s

Who can view my site?

- Basically everyone.

How many listings can I add for free?

- For free you can add up to 20. But the properties that are incoming to your site is unlimited.

Until when is my account free?

- It has no expiry, but for you to enjoy the fullest of the site’s advantages and features, you can upgrade to pro.

What if the inuiry is not my listing? What to do?

- You ask for the property ID for you to search the site easily or the property title and other basic details for us to verify it in the system and contact the listing broker.

Where can I view my listings?

- Click on the My Properties at the top of part of the site.

How will I know if there is inquiry in my site?

- First, if there is inquiry, the system will email you a message containing the inquiry and the details of the buyer. Second, the buyer will call you directly thru your number.

How can I promote my site?

- You can post it in the social media, inform all your contacts, attach it in your signature in your email, put it on your calling card, or paid advertising.

How to know the listing broker?

- You can do self inquiry by filling up the form on the right side when you find the property that is being inquired. After that, the system will email you a link wherein you can see the listing broker.

How to reset password / What if I forgot my password?

- You can click “Forgot Password” below the password textbox then provide your email. In the email, click the link and you will be redirected where you can reset it to a new password.